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Mission Project 2022

In the Fall of 2022, River of Grace Foundation will be working along with StoryHeights Church, Newton MA to bless a deserving families in need on a mission trip to Dominican Republic. We will be serving the community on many fronts including Shelter for the Beco Family Home, Delivering a Food to local families in need and assisting a partner orphanage with upgrades and activities.


The Beco family comes from a very poor village in the countryside of Puerto Plata, DR.  Martin Beco like many in his village had to drop out of school in 8th grade to help the support the basic financial needs of his family. Years later seeking to build a life for his wife and children, Martin worked in the Moto Taxi community a very popular way of offering transportation to locals and tourists on what is essentially a moped. Seeking more for his family, Martin went back to school and earned his high school diploma while he continued to work full-time, which lead to a position at a hotel resort (among the most desired places to work in the DR).  First starting as a Security Guard, then Messenger and ultimately 4 years later Martin received an opportunity to work in the administration department for the hotel. In 2010 he started college, ultimately receiving a degree in accounting. Unfortunately for Martin, like many others the COVID pandemic hit tourism hard in the DR, which lead to him losing his primary job with the hotel resort. With Martin's resiliency he recently found some work as an accountant.  Currently Martin is living in a home were he struggles to keep one of his daughters and two granddaughters safe from the weather and other home safety issues.

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