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Short-term Mission Trips

         Planning a Mission Trip could be an overwhelming task, with all of the components that need to be organized at home and abroad. We are here to help you navigate throw it and accomplish a successful and meaningful Mission Trip as an Individual, Church group or family. All of our Mission Trips are planned around the following standards listed below. Contact us today, and let begin planning your custom Mission Trip. As well we invite you to participate as individuals on our upcoming Mission Trip. 

Mission Standards

  1. God-Centeredness

  2. Empowering Partnerships

  3. Mutual Design

  4. Comprehensive Administration

  5. Qualified Leadership

  6. Appropriate Training

  7. Thorough Follow-Through


Mission Trips Designed for 

  • Individuals

  • Church Groups 

  • Family Groups

  • Organization Groups


Upcoming Mission Trip







  Destination: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

                                                          Dates: Fall 2024

Mission Trip

Let’s Serve Together

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